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Comes with Nagura stone. The Cerax are marketed in Japan as their new, super high grade stone series. Suehiro's Cerax 1K stone is velvety smooth and leaves a very fine edge. Brusné kameny Suehiro® a Cerax® Japonský brusný kámen Suehiro®, zrnitost 100: Kombinovaný kámen Suehiro®, zrnitost 1000/3000 Suehiro's Cerax line of s The #1000 grit stone is the most popular stone available and we would argue the most versatile as well. For sharpening. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Suehiro NEW CERAX CR-3800 double-sided grinding stone yellow # 3000 / blue # 1000 (WA) SUEHIRO Serakkusu at #1000 Cerax Waterstone by Suehiro. Liked it so much i have the #320 & #3000. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #1000 grit is a great stone for those looking to hone the edge of their blades and re-set the edge. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Suehiro CERAX soaking whetstone: Medium #1000, CERAX 1010: Ceramic sharpening stone, 8.07 x 2.87 x 1.14" This Stone is a Pleasure to use , it is a fast stone and loads up nicely giving a nice slurry to help with the sharpening process. The stones cut well and provide great tactile feedback allowing you to achieve a great edge, with a minimum of time and effort. The stone requires a quick soak and comes with a small rubber stone holder that works very well. An example of a medium grit stone it can be used to both put a new edge on one's knife or with gentle hand pressure can be used to achieve a … Suehiro / Cerax Sharpeners Brousky Brusivo 711024 Cerax® Combination Stone, Grit 1000 / 3000  Cena s DPH : 1280 Kč With two different grits. Might be on the soft side but to an advantage with the sharpening and feedback this 1000 gives . The #1000 stone is ideal for touching up blades that have dulled through general use, while the #3000 stone will put a polish on already tuned edges and achieves a pleasing level of sharpness. Measures 205x73x27mm. Cerax by Suehiro Cerax is the best-known brand of the Suehiro company. Suehiro's Cerax range is widely used across the wood working and culinary professions.

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