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These encounters serve to develop the Hero as a character. Why should you write with the Hero’s Journey? His book The Hero with a Thousand Faces explores the common journey that heroes from different works of literature take. What you do with them, and how you innovate each archetype in ways unique to your story, are entirely up to you! Then start exploring what is uniquely frustrating and endearing about your Parent/Child combo, and how these character traits affect the goals of each. Are you lost on how to tackle this project? It forces the protagonist to recognize that change is coming. Similar to the Underworld is the Castle. Generating Story Ideas with the Short Story Formula. Stop worrying about finding the best idea and choose one that’s good enough (or even an idea you’ve already started). That makes them frail, fearful, and very mortal. Each example sets in motion a series of choices the moves the protagonist along the value spectrum of the story’s genre. The Hero’s Journey isn’t so much a story as it is a diagram of the human soul. It is also led by a man who is “more machine now than man,” Darth Vader. This sets up both the external crime story and worldview maturation. Another way to identify the Road Back could be the Response to the Reward, whether it is the Hero’s response (disgust, disappointment, resolve, etc) or the Shadow’s (vengeance, change-of-heart, etc). What genre are you writing in? Second, she must impress the citizens of the Capital during a televised parade and interview (which she does as well, thanks to her Mentor, Cinna). Would you like a proven way of telling better stories, ones that readers remember long after they put your work down? This is both the power and the fatal flaw of the monomyth. If any relationship in human life is ripe for oppositional conflict, it is that between Parent and Child. not just yet. This relationship has matured into a well-used Theme. A Hero’s Journey Symbol, also known as a symbolic archetype, is an object, location, or image in a story that contains more than one functional meaning. The filmmakers behind popular franchises from the Matrix to almost all the recent Marvel offerings tell their stories using variations of the Hero’s Journey, as do the writers of popular thriller stories. He receives a series of messages that tell him about the Matrix. All looks lost for Luke… until his old mentor appears in a vision, tells Luke to turn off the sensors of his X-Wing and “Use the Force.”. It may not be literal, actual death; but it must be a death, regardless. He refuses to accept that his drinking is a problem to himself or others, and heads for a bar right after the hearing. That person has a series of pre-conceived ideas or competing point of view on why the heroes journey doesn’t work. It’s what makes them such ideals of humanity. Whip’s call is to face the truth about himself. Download the Math of Storytelling Infographic. For example, in Star Wars: A New Hope, the rebels win a physical blessing for themselves: peace from the Death Star. 16 chapters, A woman trapped in a job she hates (she could be an insurance agent in New York City or a baker in medieval France! First, Humankind reacts in Wonder at Nature by protecting it, marveling at it, and even worshiping it. But that fortress doesn’t have to be an actual castle. I’m writing a story where the cop wants to be involved but doesn’t want to trust his boss about whom he has a black and white view – that he’s not to be trusted. We can’t create anything like it with the technology we currently possess. Here’s how to establish the “Sibling vs. Sibling” Thematic Relationship! Instead, use the Hero’s Journey to master the art of storytelling. Sometimes a story will use steps more than once (The Lion King, The Prince of Egypt). Typically, at least in Euro-American cultures, light colors and shades represent goodness and truth; conversely, darknesss usually represents evil and deceit. The Hero’s Journey is the ultimate story structure. With this kind of plan in place, you can know when you should be getting on to the next step as you draft. What does it mean to love or honor your parents while making different choices? This is known as the Threshold. Success! I’d add that sometimes the refusal of the call might seem impossible. Only the story can tell! Many Mentors are wounded or even die during the course of the story, isolating the Hero. Of course, we all know the story isn’t over. The Hero's Journey is a great technique for analyzing all kinds of stories--whether they be myths, legends, films, novels, short stories, plays, or even comic books. Armed with the proper training and support, the Hero sets out on his or her journey. But what makes one “good” or “evil”? Read his latest story, Here’s how to fill your story with Hero’s Journey Character archetypes, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #1: Ordinary World, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Steps #2 and 3: The Call to Adventure and Refusal of the Call, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #4: Meeting the Mentor, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #5: Crossing the Threshold, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #6: Trials, Allies, and Enemies, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #7: The Approach, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #8: The Ordeal, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Steps #9 and 10: The Reward and the Road Back, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #11: The Resurrection, Here’s how to craft Hero’s Journey Step #12: Return With the Elixir. Another family relationship that is a great source of Thematic power is Sibling vs. But it does still work, and I suspect that’s because it arises from a deeper part of the human psyche that we all share. Their selfish cruelty is confirmed when the destroy Alderaan (and its millions of inhabitants) for no good reason other than to torture Princess Leia. If writers get into those situations it might be useful to think about what internal genre supports a refusal of the call. Usually, though, the Hero will encounter three types of people: a friend, an enemy, or something in between. You just have to accept your call-to-adventure and find them. Han Solo wears an off-white shirt covered by a black vest. He will continue to fight the Empire using the Force on his side. The conclusion of your Hero’s Journey necessitates some kind of return. He also embraces the Jedi way when he obeys the disembodied voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Death Star attack. In fact it’s a view shaped by a mentor who turns out to be a shapeshifting antagonist. The Hero’s Journey is just one of the many tools to use, and it remains sharp. Another way to think about the refusal is that it presents an opportunity for the writer to clarify the values at stake, and for the protagonist to assess the risks of what lies ahead, whether they resist the call or embrace it.

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