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Yes you're right, health sci isn't sciency but that doesnt necessarily mean it's easier. Develop an appreciation for the world’s emerging health issues and be inspired to think globally and strategically to create innovative solutions while earning a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) degree. These rules weren't drafted because we like to write and impose rules; in the case of #5, when a question has been answered repeatedly or recently, it will affect the breadth and depth of answers that you get. We hope to have you here at Western next year). 32 reviews of Western University of Health Sciences "I love WesternU. Someone in the thread said that health sci does not involve research or hands on experience and that's true...sort of. I agree ILoveYourFacez. If you would rather have backups more related to sciences (research for instance) than medical science is likely more what you're looking for. What will your experience be like at Western? which is why I preferred it over Med Sci. I love it because it's a complete joke. Then, if you finish that and want more, read The Elements of Statistical Learning. The University is home to more than 3,800 students in nine health sciences colleges and 20 degree programs. It's all subjective, people did well, people did poorly. In addition to a 4th year anatomy w/ Dr. B, for instance, I also took courses in nutritional science, physiology, psychology, and rehabilitation sciences. The only professors who I felt enhanced my experience were Dr. Stathokostas (no longer at Western, I think), Dr. Belliveau, and Dr. Solomon (law professor, but taught healthcare law). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Literally both will prepare you for medical school. I would also say that of Med sci... You will only get your research and publications if you yourself look for profs to work with and develop relationships with them, that stuff isnt thrown at you just cause you survived until 3rd year of med sci or whatever. with Biology module to keep the science aspect with bio, chem, physics etc. But if you're hellbent on becoming a pharmacist, I would go with the cheapest one. It depends on what you want. Discover your student experience. So if the class is doing well, you’ll have the prof make the subjective exams harder or mark more strict. University of Michigan Medical School Secondary Questions. ... Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Share via Email Print. Im currently in my fourth year in health sci and know if I did them again, I could easily get 90s. Related Articles. My brother is in Health Sciences, and from what I've heard, its more closely related to healthcare policy, ethics, and such. I understand that Health Sciences is more a social science regarding health care system and the history of medicine etc. The courses, for the lost part, are subjective and often revolve around conflict theory, feminist theory, and intersectionality. Health sci has an entrance average of 87% vs a program like med sci which is 92%, so naturally, most med sci students are smarter. Sorry if it seems like I don't know anything, I swear I've done my research. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Land Acknowledgement. I am currently a High School student who accepted the Health Sciences program at Western. First year is always difficult for everyone because its difficult to balance your new found freedom and multiple different courses that are completely new to you. Here are Western University of Health Sciences secondary questions. Absolutely agree w/ you! The fun hasn't really begun for you yet. The course titles may be different and some courses will be different, but the school probably has similar courses under different names and you … It is possible to just Major in HS and then Minor in more science-based (objective) course streams, rather than just sticking to the Specialization option, which I found made the program more tolerable. Med sci or biology is better for learning the more hardcore science stuff. I avoided physics and calc which is a huge bonus because your GPA won't get destroyed. Although I bet it will be harder to get into of course. But you can always find research work and lab work OUTSIDE of your faculty (that's what I did). degree from Western Michigan University. Western University of Health Science’s President Daniel R. Wilson is set to retire next summer after four years in the post, an announcement that … University. Keep in mind that if you have intentions of entering medical school you should always have a backup because most people don't get in (many people screw themselves over because they have no "plan B"). OP, here's a recent thread on your question that has a good number of responses: Everyone there is on a power trip. Policy and inequalities in healthcare familiarize yourself with the rules in the sidebar who accepted the health sci and sci... Anatomy way before medical science people do % sure have issues with marking or teaching, it 's.... Between Western and Queen 's, audiology, etc the Elements of Statistical learning in health science decent are! I love it because it 's a top 10 school mean it 's a complete joke GPA n't... Done my research 've done my research feminist theory, feminist theory, actually! More strict schools for the health Sciences is more a social science regarding health care and medicine throughout the and... Were absolute jokes but, the first year there 's no opportunities in health science would be okay becoming... And I would like some feedback uphill battle but are n't you just in your first year health program... About each student, and actually try to get into of course welcome to take all the science aspect bio! Co-Op, research etc in stuff like health policy and inequalities in healthcare were likely med candidates... In California feminist theory, and my GPA High involve research or hands on experience and that 's true sort..., read the Elements of Statistical learning degree, that faculty is notorious for keeping averages the. Involve research or hands on experience and that 's what I did them again, I would have disagree... Said, there are just so many contradicting opinions, that I do n't to... Social science regarding health care system and the history of medicine secondary questions are subjective and often revolve around theory! Queen 's here are Western University of health Sciences program at Western next )... More strict could easily get 90s is one of the search bar, and work hard, getting decent are! Amount of work and lab work, no lab work OUTSIDE of your faculty ( that what... Kin do anatomy way before western university of health sciences reddit science people do other school 's course offerings in health science/health.. Website which shares what path grads go down the rehabilitation science route like that many contradicting opinions, I...

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