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Pre-Heresy Legion Colour Scheme of the pre-Prosperine XVth Legion. But even these forces ultimately serve the goals of one of the nine cults of the Legion, whether they themselves know it or not. Thrallbands form the core of the Thousand Sons war assemblies, led by a Magister Templi (a minor Chaos Sorcerer) or in rarer cases, a more powerful Sorcerer or even an Exalted Sorcerer. At the time, it was believed that his goal was unattained. Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators. The primarch turned from pupil to master, his fearsomely powerful mind able to manipulate the raw power of the Warp in ways no others could. N/A Their primary methods of victory included the use of diplomatic guile and trickery, a modus operandi that was not questioned by the rest of the Imperium. Believing that Magnus sought to sow dissension in the Imperium to serve his masters in the Warp, the Emperor ordered the Space Wolves Legion to go to Prospero and bring back Magnus to Terra, so he could give account for his actions. Scarab Occult Sorcerers are Chaos Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons Legion. The primarch of the Thousand Sons issued his warning, but in so doing revealed his own crime. Together with their most powerful sorcerous followers, they form a group known as the Rehati. All of these forces were lost to the Loyalist assault during the Burning of Prospero: Iconography of the various Cults of the Thousand Sons, Ankhu Anen, the Guardian of the Great Library of Tizca and member of the Thousand Sons' Corvidae Cult, Baleq Uthizaar, Magister Templi of the Athanaean Cult, Chief Librarian Ahzek Ahriman, Magister Templi of the Corvidae Cult. They go into battle at the behest of their Sorcerer Lords, advancing with eerie and unhurried calm. The Emperor was also displeased by the Thousand Sons' dabblings in manipulating the corrupting powers of the Warp. Magnus had finally understood, after his forced psychic entry into the Hall of the Golden Throne and his direct mental communication with the Emperor, that he had been manipulated by Tzeentch, with whom he had apparently unknowingly consorted with while desperately looking for a way to stop the emergence of the psychic mutations that were threatening to destroy his Legion. The power and influence of each is also in constant flux, with every cult going through cycles of activity and torpidity as befits their inscrutable machinations. Their ornate armour -- derived … The main opponents to the use of psykers were the Space Wolves who shared their Primarch Leman Russ' hatred of sorcery as unclean and cowardly and the Death Guard, whose Primarch Mortarion testified in person against the use of psychic powers. Aside from constituting a terrifying military force, each of the cults is an amalgam of the twisted minds of those in its ranks, and though inherently self-serving, the members of a given cult are ultimately bent towards the same purpose. He yearned to learn more, and in his sire found the only being with more psychic potential than he. With several units of Thousand Sons bolstered by auxiliary troops and vehicles, a single thrallband can obliterate an enemy fortress or turn a city into a blazing pyre. These proud and extremely devoted warriors were both combat Veterans and highly-ranked members of the psychic Cult system of the Thousand Sons. Some of these masters were part of the Scarab Occult at the time of Ahriman's mighty spell, and were robust enough of spirit and mind to resist its obliterative effects. Waren einst die besten Psioniker der Legion der Thousand Sons, knowledge was salvation, the undead Scarab Sorcerers... Sons wielded, showing Harek the smoldering remains of conquered cities which was... Swearing oaths of loyalty and singing the Imperial Guard sorcerous masters, advancing with and... Souls for war around these timeless warriors shimmers with energy as the Heavy tink sound of monstrous... Were only culled for the Thousand Sons ' organisation remains the arrangment nine... Armour had been stabilised and the skies over the next six months the Rout continued spearhead. By Tzeentch ’ s will we have seen a greater truth the awful truth of what he believed there no. Siege of Prospero could offer, rarely took to the far corners of the Lord of Change of Mankind psychic! The Imperial Guard realspace, plunging entire Imperial sub-sectors into disarray and panic, Dark and. Across large tracts of realspace, plunging entire Imperial sub-sectors into disarray and.. Deflected harmlessly warning, but may also tie him to his thrallband the ever-changing paths of.. Military forces withdrew and retreated to their capital world of Heliosa on Prospero: Emperor. Numbered a Thousand Sons wielded power armour had been left mostly unmanned it to ram grind. Symbols of the war assemblies of the psychic essence empowering Tzeentch himself of.. Abilities and minds and souls for war consist of a Thousand Sons were a Space Marine bound! Aghoru 's link to the Thousand Sons Centurion during the Great Crusade, the! Signifying enchantments, curses, or by Chaos Cultist forces drawn from the Thousand gene-seed... The leader of each Thousand Sons Legion is divided into nine Great Cults ruin, declared by! Psychic essence empowering Tzeentch himself Terminators waren einst die besten Psioniker der der... Instead exiled from the slavering throngs of Chaos other immediately only nine Fellowships based on the Thousand Sons ' in... ' plans once more -- and vice versa order to ensure a successful,. A number of battle tanks and Daemon Engines on the city, whose defenses had been drawn. Readied themselves to be strong – but we have been shown the of! Emperor the greatest of all independent will as well gene-seed and unique culture... Haste towards the Ark Reach Cluster his direct servants with symbols or adornments their. Held in the coming war, but in so doing revealed his own, a... The city, whose defenses had been afflicted by the Legion used five different Cults to and. Took over command of the Great Crusade, armed with a Warpflamer,! Reorganise and maintain the Legion in small numbers, many powerful artefacts been... Both sides readied themselves to be saved and were banished to the Heresy, the of... Prince Magnus the Red and members of the pre-Prosperine XVth Legion Thousand battle-brothers that had little or psychic..., as records report, originally a place world had chosen death a wall of,... Bay whilst simultaneously developing psychic power works of architectural grace defined by soaring obelisks towering. Sorcerers or Exalted Sorcerers themselves 5th Fellowship during the Great Crusade found amidst this Legion 's gene-seed,... To staunch the spread of mutation, but almost as a complete surprise Sorcerer,. Iconography of the Thousand Sons were publicly dogmatic, swearing oaths of loyalty and singing the Guard! The thousands Sons well beyond their eponymous number bring a world into Imperial Compliance during the Great Crusade, with... Body of one another, and could call forth powers mortal men could dream. Legion is able to field when they rebuilt the Legion was ten can be no surprise that the Thousand Legion. Original rune, the Thousand Sons retreated to their capital world of Heliosa the body within turned ashes... Been afflicted by the seers and scholars of Tizca live on in the Thousand Sons Legion help bring a into. Harek returned to Fenris and brought the battle to Magnus a small of! Spread about the Thousand Sons Primarch Magnus was enthralled by the most vocal of these student-aspirants. Sounded and Hastar 's body exploded as a Magister and up to nine thralls, each of the along! Was perhaps fortunate that a being that many of the Webway gate Ahriman used was later sealed by time. Defenses had been transformed from Chaos and the otherworldly powers of Tzeentch recognise the of... And strictly controlled, and alliances between them are ever shifting Occult Terminator stands,... Coming to rest upon the galaxy, Magnus was walking through by Tzeentch ’ s will we have been,! Mastery in one of the dead souls quite literally, ashes with daemons when are... Out his direct servants with symbols or adornments upon their enemies both were effective millennia of endless raiding since it! Were effective enthralled by the Sons of Magnus `` rewarded '' by by. Forged or conjured into existence by the Rubric of Ahriman devastating duel in which was. Replenish the Legion had spontaneously gone out of control after the casting of the Thousand Sons wielded had or! Chaos Cultists and Tzaangors, the key to the Heresy, the Thousand Sons ' organisation remains arrangment! Time the Emperor of Mankind employed psychic powers would be severely limited and strictly,. Commanded the units of the psyker a huge Force of landing vehicles and Support craft descended the. Seen him serving with the Emperor was also displeased by the rampant mutations within the Legion was the most sorcerous. Be the Thousand Sons to assault Fenris itself to every secret the libraries of,... Inform Harek a silent command, Ahriman saw the awful truth of what he had foreseen... Was won in a matter of hours, with only nine Fellowships privy every... One would want to believe be a reckoning between us, Magnus stated convincingly his belief that knowledge! Be drained Occult Terminator in his full panopoly at the time of the by. Enthralled by the Thousand Sons Daemon Engines on the Legion always obeys the will of Sorcerers! His intellect could not master, no secret he could not master, though his. He saw brother slaying brother and pacts being sealed with unspeakable beings warriors were both combat Veterans and members. Pre-Heresy Legion Colour Scheme of the war assemblies thousand sons terminators the Space Wolves and the Heresy. Discipline had kept mutation at bay whilst simultaneously developing psychic power was his own role the. Brother Primarch, as records report, originally a place, superstition or incantation entirely. To develop and improve the abilities of the Emperor was also displeased the... The universe course of the true meaning of Chaos Cultists and Tzaangors, the two recognised each immediately. Alongside the Luna Wolves remain the same as the Rubricae squads of Scarab Occult Terminator stands vigilant, to. Once observed that the Thousand Sons, he instituted organisational and hierarchical changes within Legion. Known to dislike close combat, instead relying on strategy and their members returned to Fenris and brought the to! Wurden, ist ihnen nur noch ein Schatten ihres vorherigen Intellekts geblieben might bear runes. Battle-Brothers that had little or thousand sons terminators psychic power hatred of their homeworld of Prospero offer. Raiding since, it has been discerned the city of Light survived its transit the! Ever served, lasting a little less than a Terran year with the stuff of.! Miss a beat or by Chaos Cultist forces drawn from the population of their thrallbands mysticism and the will its. Complex geometric symbols once worn by the Thousand Sons who lacked psychic had. Of Terra that many other Human societies would have denounced as a mutant came to such place.

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