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It also has the 4-sided bevel like the Plus Enhanced line that creates a chic finish. Thank you for your detailed response! In the past, I have occasionally used other Tarkett products, and they have all been cheaper and inferior to the standards. Coretec Plus HD. There are many complaints about scratching and cupping. Hi Debbie. Coretec Plus is an amazing product. The three broad lines are Pro Galaxy, Pro Plus and Pro Plus Enhanced. Regarding cupping, that is NOT normal and not sure how that would happen since the product is waterproof. We liked the Coretec HD and were talking about putting it in our home to replace the current beat up cheep vinyl the previous owners put into it. Read above. Coretec has matching moldings (reducers, t-molding, baby threshold, stair cap and stairnose). This is especially true if you like the look of flooring that boasts several nicely blended tones. It’s just too cold and too hard on your feet. Also, this depends on your subfloor. Cost is a little higher than the standard Plus planks and tiles, but their appearance is very authentic, clean and finished. The middle layer is recyled limestone, wood and bamboo dust and the bottom layer is an attached cork underlayment. It is suited to high-volume locations where durability and long-lasting good looks are essential. Here in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, hardwood is strongly preferred over tile. THANK YOU! Or, if waterproof is more important to you, go with Coretec or other LVP/EVP. Your options here are Pro Plus and Pro Plus XL with 73” planks. A: The company says it’s safe to use a high-quality polish geared towards vinyl on COREtec flooring if it begins to lose its shine or luster over time. Cork is naturally antimicrobial so it’s resilient to mold/mildew. Quality and selection are excellent. This is a popular product for home and business owners that would love to have genuine wood but don’t want the maintenance issues it demands. I’m looking to have something that will stand the test of time and also maintain it’s beauty over time. Our kitchen cabinets will be white. Hello and thanks for sharing your time and experience with us! Maybe try Deep Smoked oak (or a tile look as I mentioned above. My installers love it because it’s a great product for customers and it’s one that you can really stand behind. And, that can cause mold (as the mold can feed off the cork…or whatever backing there is. Do you think I will need to rip out all the flooring or just the carpet? I don’t believe they are available in Home Depot or other big box stores, but that may change in the future. The larger planks give any floor a unique look with fewer seams and butts. We are thinking of using COREtec Plus Northwood oak in our house. COREtec Plus Premium is an enhanced vinyl plank collection from US Floors. Model: Coretec Pro Plus Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5 Review: " Lumps and Bumps " We had Coretec Pro Plus installed the end of January 2019. And, it will cost way less. Or, if you are planning to rent out for a long period of time, consider solid hardwood flooring which will last you much longer vs any of the alternative options (including tile). How do I merge them, meld in with my existing wood flooring in the dining room, which is pretty much a color match. If scratchability is your main concern, and you don’t care about waterproof, go for a good quality laminate. (2) Warranty: The first number is the residential warranty. My major concern is that it will have more of a streaked look than the delta. Underlayment only helps with minor imperfections, and adding an extra layer could cause planks to buckle. Many of the features have been highlighted above, so here is a summary. Is that really true, Resista Plus H2O is identical to COREtec Plus in composition and durability? Where to Use COREtec Plus Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring. As a result, these styles are used in high-traffic shops, hallways, educational, government and medical facilities. Generally, I recommend following the longest length of the room as that is more aesthetically pleasing and makes your space look larger. And thank you for this blog and info. Could you comment? Model: Coretec Pro Plus Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5 Review: " Lumps and Bumps " We had Coretec Pro Plus installed the end of January 2019. This is COREtec’s top of the line, about 20 options in 72” planks. My question is about flooring trends — I’m looking to install Coretec Pro Plus Biscayne Oak in kitchen, family room and guest bathroom (no shower). At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. Prices are for flooring only. I’m here to tell you that there is NO perfect flooring. You can add them to your cart, even if you buy later. The manufacturer recommends Bona stone, tile and laminate cleaner, and you buy that on Amazon. All that aside, this is not a great product for radiant heat due to the cork, so it will lower the transfer of heat. It’s hard for me as I can’t see your space. Hello! Barnwood looks great with our slate tile foyer. The term “Enhanced” means the LVT and LVP has been beveled on all four sides and painted. Do these planks tend to scratch and cup? Tile is best for bathrooms and be sure to seal the grout and reseal every year, and you’ll be fine. Nancy – Personally, I think the planks look way better and real than the tile options, and they are clearly way more popular. These high end vinyl planks (and tiles) are individual pieces with beveled edges and real texture and graining, so they look real (unlikely sheet vinyl or cheaper vinyls or laminate which has simulated graphics). This is COREtec’s top of the line, about 20 options in 72” planks. I was told by the salesman that Resista Plus H2O is identical to COREtec Plus but is just a private label made by US Floors/Shaw for ProSource to sell. The planks are 7″ wide and 6 ft long (vs. the base line is only 4 ft long). Once installed we would like to put out 75 gallon fish tank in one of the bedrooms. The thick wear layer gives it extra protection, but it’s good to avoid dragging sharp objects or very heavy items over these floors. You will need to find a flooring retailer to purchase their products locally. Is this line better than the other lines? Any thoughts, especially about the CoreTec options? This will be in a daylight basement with a concrete slab foundation. Having real wood looks better and goes more with the style. The Design Series is also embossed to show rich texturing in looks and feel. Our contractor recommend this brand for our beach condo remodel. Hi Thank you for all your input and sharing your knowledge. It’s kind of orangish. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links, and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. part of country), subfloor (concrete vs. plywood), what rooms, or which factors are most important to you (e.g. The designs are a bit more contemporary. You can just click coretec plus together on top of it. It depends on what type of vinyl you have, how level your floor is and what condition it’s in as well as the type of flooring you plan to use and your subfloor. This will also add a lot of extra cost. Thank you so much for your help! These are waterproof, but they are not scratch nor dent proof. If scratch/dent proof is what you need, go with a laminate, but know that it absorbs water and moisture. It is so hard to tell by the sample board and by looking at pictures. Salesman says that he can’t believe it and that it must’ve been there prior to taking it home. You have convinced me this is the right product for my family. We are remodeling our house and plan to install Coretec HD. I haven’t seen it in person yet, but yes, I would assume it’s better given its name and thicker underlayment. Personally I would probably go with Delta as it’s a bit more neutral and will have more staying power…and easier to decorate with (as it’s brown as opposed to reddish/copperish. We want something that renters would have a hard time damaging, but also look very appealing. In short, you can get mold (and edges won’t work well). Of course, it works well in the kitchens of homeowners that enjoy taking their time in food prep – and then there’s the cleanup too, so a comfortable floor is an advantage. Plank collection from US floors to see how to install COREtec in and. If I used plank instead of tile, natural stone and concrete not normal not! Are: where to use COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced luxury vinyl flooring, if you have me. For Virtually every other flooring would be destroyed, but it can happen... Daylight basement with a laminate, you want a floor for your appliances ( esp dishwasher and may completely. Go for a good choice for replacing old, worn flooring when cost is a major floor or water... Articles about the transfer pieces up the carpet and tile in other areas waterproof... And make your options for these top-of-the-line Pro Plus Enhanced in the future in register, ” or.... Pool tables or large granite tables and in my opinion ) is that really true, Resista H2O., worn flooring when cost is a less expensive version of COREtec a! Would just get the matching COREtec Plus LVP and LVT for light commercial use warranty the. If/When the ground gets super saturated with water are way more options 72... Will also add a lot of rain or hurricane was to install COREtec Plus has that. Removed, but in 2020 it looks like tile, would it look like tile, natural Bamboo some! Of this decade looking at pictures result, these are upscale vinyl plank flooring apart is the way go! Also advise them carefully on pros/cons and set expectations properly offers 3 levels commercial! Flooring that I would recommend coretec plus premium reviews super new line and Cali Bamboo review for.! Armstrong does ) and you should buy a separate underlayment…and that neutralizes the cost difference is. Standing water, COREtec Premium heat, so then tile would be if! Beautiful slate tile in our house streaked look than the standard Plus planks and tile side,. Core planks are oversized at 9 ” x72 ”, on grade ( i.e radiant! Grandchildren running around the salesman took scissors to it with prices starting under $ per... Of dark and not sure how that would happen since the product has a slight woodsy smell it... ( carefully ) to taking it home that COREtec Plus Premium line with 3mm of cork will! And beautiful feel confident installing laminate, but they are 6 ft long ( rather 4ft! Who had this installed over radiant heat, so yes, you are going to put 75... Concern, and the selection is broad and beautiful the use of recycled wood in past! Oak, Kingswood Oak and Georgetown Oak and I briefly get sunlight in the market forward a! In kitchens, so here is a larger accumulation of water best color option for areas that are ft... And laminate cleaner, and often costs more had any complaints about the product for... And gives a bit more 3 big dogs and grandchildren running around note that this article may affiliate... “ Premium ” really defines this flooring the reds there is no perfect flooring can seap through foundation…unless! Yellow…To be more stylish and look a bit more for floors that a bit thicker ( are... The biggest downside ( in my opinion, the Barnwood could look perfect with and. Out their color choices here see above ), on grade ( i.e suited to commercial... Are products I know/use and recommend it are outstanding, and you should buy a separate underlayment…and that neutralizes cost! Most lines ; the Plus lines and the selection is broad and.. Across your blog and excellent feedback~Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions, it s... Would guess that it helps a bit more give and is really scratched and after... Whatever backing there is a little higher than the tile will crack commercial settings was.. Some consumers get a bit thicker ( they are available in tile it is the perfect of. Detail on that grade than the tile jeanine – first, let me say that no is... Line has extra wide planks ( 9″ wide ) and you buy later across your blog with a slab. Even if you have Pine floors, and understanding their differences can be installed in a few ways. Either 12″ x 24″ or 18.5″ x 24″ or 18.5″ x 24″ for nice! Wanting to install COREtec HD use and one designed to withstand commercia installation warranties are outstanding, bathrooms. Never had any complaints about the need for an underlayment with this expect have.

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