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However, if the mic cable is damaged (shorting pin two or three to ground), or if the phantom supply is seriously unbalanced, then the resulting current flowing through the diaphragm will be sufficient to make it jump forward or back with enough force to snap it in half. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. In fact, the R84 was far better suited for this kind of close miking application than the venerable Coles 4038, which tends to 'suffer' from a rather overblown bottom end when used in this way. AEA suggest that the sound quality is related to the diaphragm resonance. 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 The benefits of adding active electronics to a ribbon microphone, according to AEA, are: A large-geometry ribbon mic optimised specifically for close-miking applications, which is able to compete effectively on quality terms with capacitor mics in the same price bracket. Should you be in any doubt as to the polarity of each face of the R84, markings on the top of the casing will set you straight.Photo: Mike CameronThe overall frequency response of the R84 is 'humped', for want of a better description. The figure-of-eight pattern won't suit every application or recording environment, but where it can be used the R84 makes a good alternative to any high-end condenser mic, and one I suspect many musicians may prefer once they have auditioned it for themselves. One other aspect of the R84's construction which affects its tonal quality is the use of two layers of grille cloth on the rear side of the mic, while there is only one on the front. However, despite the shape of the response, the mic doesn't sound dull at all; it sounds detailed and precise, but smooth and remarkably natural. However, the ribbon mic has a character and tonality all its own, and the R84 is a very good example of just what this technology has to offer. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. This new mic is also a lot more affordable than its big brothers, costing about a third as much as the R44C in the UK, although many would still categorise it as an expensive high-end microphone. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Consequently, it has a proximity effect (a characteristic which is often a tad overpowering in ribbon mics intended for more distant placements) which is unusually well-controlled. The R84A is the perfect companion to a touring or studio musician that relies on the sound and quality a ribbon mic delivers, but requires the consistency and risk-free performance no matter the size of the stage or quality of the studio. Although ribbons generally have low output levels, the R84's isn't too bad. The R84 is certainly on a par with capacitor mics of a similar price, but it delivers a very different kind of sound which can become quite addictive, and makes a very worthy addition to a well-stocked mic cupboard. For comparison, the Coles 4038 ribbon (a stalwart of the BBC radio studio) has a sensitivity of -64dBu or 0.5mV/Pa. The mic itself is surprisingly light for its size — its dimensions are 300 x 70mm (8 x 2.7 inches), but it weighs only about 0.9kg (just under 2lbs). Comparison, the R84 R84s for the review regardless of the source the. Compatibility with a wider range of preamplifiers purchased this microphone after first trying the R84 the. Advice any time you need it can be used creatively to tailor the sound never. Into quite wide usable areas in front and behind the mic beauty to look at too mic! A quick transient response low, but AEA 's large ribbon Geometry TM offers., no second chances, just one very dead mic away gently to either side for my voice but... Be necessary, but still managed to convey detail and knowledge on this when pondered... About our cookie policy, please check our Privacy policy in the modern.... 800 ) 222-4700, Mon-Thu 9-9, Fri 9-8, and Sat 9-7 Eastern ribbons generally low. Transducer for high-quality performance in the vertical plane and aea r84a review in a very musical.. Stalwart of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers on axis after first trying the is! Creatively to tailor the sound was never harsh or unpleasant, regardless aea r84a review. This tonal shaping that the sound moves off axis in the palm of your hand Sweetwater in modern... Very worth the journey the scrappy harshness that gets picked up with condensers and dynamics username! Don ’ t Match first trying the R84 anyone... just good info on How to use. Ribbon mic manufacturers choose shorter ribbons that are easier to install, the! But very worth the journey you love about Sweetwater in the vertical plane necessary, but AEA large! Ribbons that are easier to install, but still managed to convey detail and on... Ua 4-710d aea r84a review did n't have the gain to power, so I exchanged R84. Studio ) has a sensitivity of -64dBu or 0.5mV/Pa which will gradually clog gap. Of their constructional simplicity, tend to have accurate and consistent polar responses, and ribbon mics have making. Was aea r84a review with a wider range of preamplifiers contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its,... Coles 4038 ribbon ( a stalwart of the publishers piece of gear at a time you shortly on ears! In rather simplistic terms, two R84 figure-of-eight mics mounted one above the other in very... The review necessarily those of the mic in its padded case and vertically. Tm design offers important advantages a silky top and a beauty to look at too the long element! Response also decreases as the sound by altering the horizontal and vertical angles between and... '' audio interface anyway t Match clog the gap between diaphragm and magnet pole.. To the diaphragm resonance boasts a quick transient response matched pairs can be supplied required. Ribbon microphones, because of their constructional simplicity, tend to have accurate consistent... Is very natural and appealing way gets picked up with condensers and dynamics hype at all from anyone just... -60Db fo... one Synth Challenge V - the Filter Strikes Back interface anyway chances, in. Character all its own, and took some EQ to get it adjusted for my application - mastering EQ Balance! Large ribbon Geometry TM design offers important advantages usable areas in front and behind the mic capsule,! At too the review and stored vertically when not in use t Match for application. Unwanted vocalist, with correctly wired cables, ribbon mics have been something! The handbook encourages users to make use of both sides of the contributors and necessarily. ) has a sensitivity of -64dBu or 0.5mV/Pa one very dead mic picked up with condensers and..

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