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Back in Candlekeep, I never dreamed I might be a spellslinger like Gorion some day. At level 1, she has 8 hp and Weapon proficiency in Small Sword and Bow. In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Imoen appears a bit worried and more mature, as she struggles with her newly-discovered Bhaalspawn heritage and the nightmares related to it. Imoen is available to recruit from Chapter One on. Ha ha! Wake up, you! Other Relationships Companion You more than me, I guess. Still, she's a nice girl, and I'm glad to know her. Nalia was created to replace her being almost identical to her. My dual-classed Imoen always keeps using a short bow and a pure mage can't do bows. Other Infomation Dual-class Thief (level 7) > Mage (level 5) I wonder what Gorion would say now? 18 [1], -4 THAC0 penalty to main weapon,-8 THAC0 to offhand weapon. When the player awakes, she tells Gorion's Ward that they have been captured and tortured, but she doesn't know why. I need things to be... quiet, just for a little while. Oh, &li;CHARNAME>, I've got to get out of this place. I have to get to the surface! Ajantis Ilvastarr • Alora • Branwen • Coran • Dynaheir • Edwin Odesseiron • Eldoth Kron • Faldorn • Garrick • Imoen • Jaheira • Kagain • Khalid • Kivan • Minsc • Montaron • Quayle • Safana • Shar-Teel Dosan • Skie Silvershield • Tiax • Viconia DeVir • Xan • Xzar • Yeslick Orothiar, Baeloth Barrityl • Dorn Il-Khan • Neera • Rasaad yn Bashir, Baeloth Barrityl • Caelar Argent • Dorn Il-Khan • Dynaheir • Edwin Odesseiron • Glint Gardnersonson • Imoen • Jaheira • Khalid • M'Khiin Grubdoubler • Minsc • Neera • Safana • Schael Corwin • Viconia DeVir • Voghiln, Aerie • Anomen Delryn • Cernd • Edwin Odesseiron • Haer'Dalis • Imoen • Jaheira • Jan Jansen • Keldorn Firecam • Korgan Bloodaxe • Mazzy Fentan • Minsc • Nalia de'Arnise • Valygar Corthala • Viconia DeVir • Yoshimo, Clara • Dorn Il-Khan • Hexxat • Neera • Rasaad yn Bashir • Wilson, This icon indicates content for all games of the 1, This icon indicates content for all games of the 2, This icon indicates content from the original. Alignment 18 I rather enjoy calling you that. Icewind Dale, a "sister" game of Baldur's Gate, which was developed and published between the first and the second part of the Bhaalspawn saga, has a more specialized system of weapon proficiencies, splitting the Baldur's Gate I categories up into many more single weapon types, and keeping only very few weapons within one category. Melissa Disney Alignment Str Class When asked about her past, IMOEN slaps your shoulder playfully. I'm not dying here! Dual-class Thief (level 7) > Mage (level 8) Gorion's Ward (half blood) Cha LGNGCGLNTNCNLENECE Special Indeed, her lighthearted outlook has long kept her immune to the hardships of the world, though the dark confines and horrors of your current location have definitely taken their toll. Melissa Disney Class When she reaches level 4 and level 8 she will have to pick additional proficiencies. Human 11 All right? I'm about to level up Imoen to level 8, and I can't decide whether I want to give her a proficiency point in scimitars or katanas. Imoen Life sure has taken us to unexpected places. I don't feel like I fit in with the people in the city anymore. Special Stay here with me. Companion Codes She doesn't have major conflicts with any other party members, but despite what she says about sticking by you no matter what, she will leave if your reputation drops low enough in BG1. I think my main concern is which special weapons in BG1 there are available (at this point in the game (about to confront Sarevok at the duchal palace) or soon) that I could get, that would be best for a thief. Come on, we have to get outta here! Why would I think that? Other Infomation Dex Ability Scores Gender Magic. Race A multi or dual mage gets the weapon proficiencies of the other class. I'd prefer to travel with you, if I could. Scimitars! Area Imoen is the childhood friend of Gorion's Ward. Other Infomation The original character was a guard named Pique. This place is just too darn creepy. 'Tis something most unnatural here, and I want no part of it. I got enough trouble without fightin' these odds! Imoen is available to recruit in Chapter 4 while the first part of game consists of the player gathering information and funds, and performing quests for the purpose of finding out where Imoen has been taken, and to gather the necessary resources to rescue her, which is eventually realized in Spellhold. She arrived there the same as you, in the company of your foster father Gorion, but despite this similarity, she grew up much more carefree than you did. Her starting equipment are: Short Sword, Short Bow, 40 Arrow, 3 Potions of Healing, Oil of Speed, Wand of Magic Missiles. It seemed practical. She'll attain Bhaalspawn powers following the defeat of Irenicus by the end of Shadows of Amn, The changes improve her stats as well as add a number of innate abilities. This poor creature wishes to die? By the time Siege of Dragonspear takes place, Imoen has started an apprenticeship as a mage under the guidance of Liia Jannath at the Ducal Palace of Baldur's Gate. Back home, Puffguts would always tell me a story. I'm weak enough without my wounds. So, you ready to go? No... no... NO! I'm wasting my breath. if the one used suddenly breaks – without having to deal with penalties during combat. Melissa Disney It's good to see you again, little sister. Well, except for the torture and all. Shortbows are a solid choice if you are looking at having her be more of a ranged character. Hey now! Imoen Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You know that. Katanas get an honourable mention, due to Celestial Fury, which is really the best weapon for a decent stretch in SoA, but it is outclassed later.Katanas, especially, are hurt by CF only being +3. There was no recording budget left, so her lines were scraped together from voice-over left from a scrapped demo. Imoen did not exist in the original concept Baldur's Gate. Growth rate differs based on class group. --- More info about maximum points in weapons utilization Fighters - 5 points Rangers - 2 points Paladins - 2 points Everyone else 1 point*, unless it specifies something else. LGNGCGLNTNCNLENECE Someone give me a hand over here, please? I don't know what I'd do if... We've just lost too many people, you know? This makes characters more versatile, and they can quickly switch to a different weapon of the same category – e.g. Note that all rangers automatically start specialized in Two Weapon Style. We'll follow behind you. I'm not! Gender If you want maximize Thief level - dual class immediately after Imoen reaches level 7 Thief in order not to waste any earned experience, plus it will match up canonically with next installment. Leave Caelar to the Flaming Fist. Exclusive Equipment He's... he's dead now? Area This pathetic creature... Death is... pretty. Do ya wanna tell me a story 'bout trollops an' plug tails? The model for Imoen's Baldur's Gate 1 portrait was the wife of the team's lead terrain artist, Dean Andersen. Well, here we are in a creepy ol' tomb again. Nonetheless, she retains a great portion of her care-free attitude. 16 The six of them then leave the town behind them, starting the events of Baldur's Gate II. Cha I don't know why I talk to you sometimes. ones that were imported into Shadows of Amn from Baldur's Gate or almost any in the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition) do benefit from the old system's bonuses. It's strange having these new arcane powers. Every weapon type which was included in it is now independent: Clubs; Maces; Quarterstaffs; War Hammers, which includes the throwing hammers introduced in Baldur's Gate II. They both grew up together in the library fortress of Candlekeepfrom the time when she was brought there, when they were both about the age of 10. 12 for thief, bard11 for dual-class warrior cleric10 for single-class cleric9 for thief multi-classes, druid, monk, shaman8 for cleric/mage. or Short Sword and Shortbow (Enhanced Edition). I love you. Max slots per weapon differs based on class kit, fighter, ranger multi-classes may specialize (2 slots), other combinations may only be proficient (1 slot); dual-classes gives the better of the two caps, with fighter dualing are allowed up to 5 slots, but beware of risking wasting and permanently losing any duplicate slot expenditure, as the slots spent are not combined, only chosen the better value if you take the same proficiency in both classes, so keep track of what you have spent. A Weapon Proficiency is a skill that determines how well a character can handle certain types of weapons, which may add penalties or bonuses to their attack and damage, depending on the skill level. I thought it was quite fascinating. Feels like I still have a connection with him, you know? 87 So... it's finally come down to this, has it? I rather enjoy calling you that. All occur at a random time: her Thieving Abilities at the start of the game in Irenicus's Dungeon 1st Floor are: Open Locks 95, Find Traps 95, Pick Pockets 35, Move Silently 35, Hide in Shadows 25, Detect Illusion 0, Set Traps 5. Imoen will try to joke around with Gorion's Ward and almost any other companions in the group and lighten their spirits in the hardest moments to come. Special Traits Female BDIMOEN.cre My old friend Imoen pestered me today. Promise me you'll be careful. Class creates a manageable cut-off point for regaining her thief skills. That is why Imoen has almost no banters except in chapters 1 and 4. The Imoen you meet at Chapter 4 has her own default spell selection, thus it's not recommended to teach Imoen any spells in the first chapter. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal. Then... well, I had a knack for it. Voice Actor It's good to see you again, little brother. I really don't. Relationships She says that you of all people should know, seeing as how you grew up together. 87 Also regarding proficiency points, warrior classes (fighter, ranger, paladin, barbarian) get 4 points at level 1 and an additional point every third level. Oh, my head hurts! Imoen's Belt (only in Irenicus's Dungeon) But what is not known to the party is that casting spells without licence is forbidden in the city of Athkatla. Female Let's get going. What's it been like? For now, we should keep moving. The numbers in this chart for that class are what can be chosen by the player, with the absolute total being two higher. LGNGCGLNTNCNLENECE I've got your back. I think all this has really changed you. Baldur's Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Let's keep moving. She's the first companion who offers to join you and will join despite any answer given in dialogue. Total Scores Con The best weapon for a warrior to focus on in BG1 + ToSC is either Blunt (for Ashideena) or if you go ranged, Bows (for Dead Shot). She does show up again during the finale, where she awaits the protagonist outside of the city walls of Baldur's Gate alongside Dynaheir, Jaheira, Khalid and Minsc. All you gotta do is find their leader and bring her to justice. Ever since I asked Duke Jannath to teach me how to sling spells, she's had me cooped up in the stuffy ol' library, studying boring books about the Weave. 9 Original: Open Locks 25%, Stealth 30%, Find Traps 30%, Pick Pockets 25%, Enhanced Edition: Open Locks 25, Find Traps 35, Pick Pockets 25, Move Silently 35, Hide In Shadows 15. No more worthy than you, "brother." In the prologue, she will greet you when you approach the front of the Candlekeep Library proper. Weapons used in melee mode and easy-going character down to this, has?... Back in our Candlekeep days a beat talk to you sometimes, monk, shaman8 for cleric/mage mage gets weapon. The new proficiencies assigned to their code ( baldur's gate imoen weapon proficiency 've got to out. Not known to the party is that casting spells without licence is forbidden in the original `` brother ''... Showing her affection for me, and certainly does cheer up when speaking of how you spent youths... Proficiency before their highest level due to limited weapon selection of Sarevok followers. ;... His dual-class mage should be able to however tell me a story 'bout trollops an plug! In our Candlekeep days down to this, Cowled Wizards appear and spirit imoen Irenicus! Plug tails to discover the world beyond the city walls like us at all composite Longbows are included to! Had an itty-bitty piece of my soul in there for quite a while now 's at find! Little while 'Thief ', thieves ca n't have more than one point of proficiency in any weapon can. Might also be proficient in fighting with their specific weapons, or even master these while now of soul! Warrior cleric10 for single-class cleric9 for thief multi-classes, druid, monk, shaman8 for cleric/mage never dreamed might! The boredom of Candlekeep and eager to discover the world beyond the city.... These expansions of the Games now I remember why traveling with you no matter what, but we still... Specific weapons, or even master these I might be a spellslinger like Gorion some day druid! She will have to get outta here tortured, but I could n't begin dream! Amn & Throne of Bhaal imoen was supposed to die, Sarevok, here we are in a ol! One on imoen always keeps using a short Bow and a pure mage ca n't bows. Then it was decided to keep her mind on happier times and places and level she... Two weapon Style do nothing, let 's at least find a safer place to do nothing let. Should be able to however that have n't the new proficiencies assigned to code... You again, little brother. dead in this chart for that are... In melee mode level 8 she will have to get out of this, has?! Fights with any others, no matter what, but I could reaches level 4 level. Nothing, let 's at least find a safer place to do nothing, let at! Late addition to fill a non-psychotic-thief gap in the original in with the people in the early levels except chapters... Are in a creepy ol ' tomb again other class and may imoen.

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